In today’s pilates class we will use the wall as our workout prop. This is a beginner sequence that will work the entire body, improving your posture and balance with support of the wall. The wall gives us a lot of help to sit taller, so that we can strengthen our core and back muscles.

Let me know your favorite move in the comments!

Optional use of pillows and blankets to help the back lengthen and lift.

Filmed at a yoga shala in beautiful Goa, India

Workout set is from @oqqsports


Lindsay Bushman

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00:00 Introduction
00:34 Neutral Spine / Posture Work
03:09 Breathwork
05:45 Spine Stretch
08:06 Side Bends
12:32 Oblique Exercise
16:12 Upper Core Work
18:01 Bridging
20:41 Pilates Running
22:27 Tendon Stretch
23:58 Wall Supported Squats
26:00 Wall Supported Push Ups
27:31 Stretch